A Practical Guide to Choosing a Car for Your Teenage Driver

A Practical Guide to Choosing a Car for Your Teenage Driver

Do you have a teenager approaching or at driving age? Welcome to world of blessings and curses.

This is the crossroads of fearing that your child is getting behind the wheel of a 3,500 pound car while appreciating you no longer need to serve as their Uber driver. You hate the prospects of them driving on their own, yet are beginning to see the value and convenience of them driving themselves. At the same time, you realize this new driver is going to add significantly to the costs of your automobile insurance.

They will be driving soon, and they will want their own car. How can you make practical choices that will be affordable, offer maximum safety, minimize insurance costs, while providing an “acceptable” vehicle for them to drive? Here are some thoughts.

Buy Used

Unless you have unlimited funds, you should buy used when considering a vehicle for your teen. Depreciation has a significant role in making used cars more affordable. You also don’t want the stress of noticing every new dent or scratch.

Buy a Safe Sedan

While SUVs have become increasingly popular, sedans are less in demand and therefore more affordable. Choosing a safe sedan is a superior choice for teenagers who have cost-conscious parents.

Research Safe Sedans

Perform your due diligence in determining safe, used sedans. Contenders include the Chevy Malibu and Honda Accord, but these cars change annually. Every year, more new cars enter the used car category with more advanced safety features. Get, and stay informed. You may decide the additional safety features of a newer vehicle are worth the added initial expense.

Discuss the Topic with Your Teen Driver

Your new driver should understand choices have an impact on costs. Try to find common ground on what they want and what you can afford.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Before purchasing any vehicle for your teen driver, get a quote from your independent insurance agent. Frequently, the excessive costs from one vehicle choice may lead to a better option. Teens can learn from the fact that owning a car involves more than the purchase price of a vehicle. It includes the ongoing costs of repairs and maintenance, and yes, insurance. They should also understand that the longer they drive responsibly and without incident, the less expensive car insurance should become. These safe driving habits can expand the options of available cars as they prove their responsibility.

Having a teen driver is not easy. Doing everything you can to make them a safer, more responsible driver can help. Make them aware of the dangers of distracted driving and the benefits of building a safe-driving resume. This challenging period can be rewarding for the both of you.

Need a quote? Contact us. Tell us about the car you are considering buying and the driver involved. Let our independent agents help you find the most affordable options.

Be Confidently Insured.


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