Keeping Up With Life’s Clutter

Keeping Up With Life’s Clutter

It is almost inevitable that as we journey through life it will get more complicated and cluttered. We collect more clothing, souvenirs, photos, knick-knack, tools, kitchen utensils and more. At the same time we use up more of our space ranging from closets to attics and drawers to storage containers. Do you really need those extra 150 high school senior photos? Can you live without that foam finger from the big game? You do know that VHS tapes aren’t making a come back, right? Every once in a while a purge is in order in the form of a yard or garage sale, a trip to Goodwill or simply by bagging it up and taking it to the curb.

But life’s clutter can include more than “things”. It could include bills, credit cards, apps on our phones, streaming services and a whole host of miscellaneous “stuff”. Here’s how you can better manage and limit life’s clutter.


If you haven’t worn it in a year, pitch it, sell it or donate it. Don’t encourage bad behavior by keeping fat clothes and if you lose weight, reward yourself with new skinny clothes.

Drawers and Closets

Adopt a 75% rule where no drawer or closet should be filled up to more than 75% of capacity. If something new goes in, something old must come out.


It is estimated the average smartphone user has about 30 apps on their phones, many which go unused. Commit to be below average and set a limit to your maximum apps.

Credit Cards

Credit reporting agencies state that the average American has four major credit cards. Credit cards have high interest rates and encourage spontaneous spending. Reduce your debt and limit your cards.

Bills and Subscriptions

Most people don’t even know how many monthly bills they have or how many subscription services they are signed up for. Take inventory and reduce, reduce, reduce.

Now may also be a good time to take inventory of your financial plans including life insurance coverage. Our professionals can help. Contact us and make the move to refine or start your life insurance program. Get a complimentary life insurance review and review some no-obligation price quotes. You will feel better and sleep better!

Be Confidently Insured.


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