Making Your House More Toddler Safe

Making Your House More Toddler Safe

Adding a new member to the family is exciting and usually requires some big adjustments. There will be adjustments in sleep patterns, shopping lists will change dramatically and there will be a new, heighten awareness regarding the safety of your home. This is particularly true as babies begin to become more mobile and is a significant concern when they become toddlers. Falls, bumps and bruises may be inevitable, but here are some tips in making your home safer.

Secure or Eliminate Area Rugs

Area rugs can be a tripping hazard for those with little legs. Make sure they are either tacked down or put them away for a year until your child gets that walking thing down.

Use Gates and Fencing

Gates are invaluable in keeping toddlers away from steps and areas where they should not explore (like the cat’s litter box.) There is even indoor fencing to help you create a larger, but manageable, play area for toddlers.

Secure Outlets and Cabinets

Inexpensive plastic outlet plugs and covers can protect toddlers from electrical shocks. There are a variety of gadgets that can keep cabinet doors and drawers secure from curious toddlers.

Make Corners Safer

You don’t necessarily have to replace tables and other furniture to make them safer. There are cushioned products available that can be placed on the corners of tables and furniture edges. It may not stop the occasional bump or bruise, but it can minimize their impact.

Pay Attention to Pull-able, Climbable and Knock-Over-able Items

If it can be pulled down, knocked over or climbed upon, your toddler will be attracted to it. Watch out for table coverings, electrical and extension cords, potentially top heavy furniture and chairs and loose items on table and furniture tops.

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