Minimum Coverage Is Not Enough

How important is your car to you? To me, it would be the end of the world—at least the world within the two-mile radius surrounding my residence because you won’t find me walking any farther than that.

But, really, not having a car immobilizes you from traveling lengthy distances. It takes away a fair amount of your freedom. It can easily make a person lazy, or more active, depending on how determined you are. Possibly the only thing I’d walk a far distance for would be to indulge in my latest craving, and that’s partly because I wouldn’t have to carry anything home with me, only a fuller tummy.

What would you do without your car?

Having accessible transportation at all times is important. It’s a greater privilege than most of us realize. You can’t be overly grateful for constant transportation until you realize what it’s like not having reliable transportation.

If your car’s totaled in an accident, and you don’t have enough coverage, and the driver at fault is uninsured—or whatever the case, considering the vast number of scenarios–you find yourself stuck without a car. Now what?

After you figure out a new car situation, the most important thing to you now is better coverage on your vehicle. Liability is not enough for most cases. Adding optional coverages to your policy can end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the case of an accident. Consider adding higher limits to your coverages and look into optional additional coverages that can be beneficial to you. Do you live in a highly uninsured area? Are there a lot of accidents in your part of town? How much is your car worth?

Ask yourself these questions, and make sure to ask your agents about how much your coverages are actually worth in case of an accident.

 By: KayLynn

Be Confidently Insured.


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