We’ve all witnessed children who were terrified by Santa Claus or a plate of Brussels sprouts. Yet, when most children come into contact with dinosaurs in videos, on TV or in stores, they seem to be attracted to them. From Dino in the Flintstones to Barney the Purple Dinosaur, these giant, prehistoric animals seem to somehow captivate children. What’s up with that? Why do children (and their parents) seem to love dinosaurs so much?

They No Longer Exist

While dinosaurs are huge and frightening, kids are taught from the outset that they no longer exist and are extinct. This makes them less scary and even less threatening.

They Have Individual Traits

Sure, there are multiple breeds of dogs and cats, but dinosaurs encompass a whole new world of diversity. Some eat just vegetables while others favor meat. Some are tall and others short and stout. Some climb, others fly. Kids can relate to these differences in their own lives, although it may not be apparent to adults.

They are a Perfect Subject for Self-Exploring Children

Children between three and five years old find themselves exploring who they are and their boundaries. Dinosaurs open up a whole new world beyond numbers and the alphabet. It is a bit more complex and children of that age enjoy exploring these new subjects.

Dinosaurs Can Separate Them from the Crowd…and Their Parents

As children learn about dinosaurs, they begin to realize this knowledge makes them different from their friends and even their parents. They take pride in learning their names, characteristics and personalities. This, in turn, helps make them special and unique. For the first time, children may discover they know more about a subject than their parents.

Dinosaurs Help Bind Young Friends

These prehistoric animals are often the first real subject that can bind kids to one another. It is a shared interest, much like sports or music will be later in life.

Parents See Them as Non-threatening and Educational

What parent doesn’t love it when their child can start identifying dinosaurs by name and eating habits? Dinosaurs help connect kids with parents who may have had similar interests at that age.

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